September 24, 2006

Good Will Towing

"This is where Grandma was gathering berries last summer when the grizzly bear got her."

I went back to TJ Maxx yesterday and purchased these Spode plates after doing my Internet research to determine that yes, indeed, they were a bargain at $7 apiece. Now, I'm not a Christmas decorator to speak of, as I've said. Most years we're lucky to get the tree up straight and hang the wreath on the door before the stuff on it dries out and falls off. And the only festoons are generally cobwebs. But we're staying home this year (we spend most years hurrying hither and yon to everyone else's house), and I want to at least make an effort since we'll be in our own house more than five minutes.

Here's the progress on Good Will Towing, as I now think of it. I had the worst urge to stitch that when I got to the bottom and see if anyone noticed, but figured it was too much work for a practical joke. If I had a towing company, that's what I'd call it. That's not a stain on the fabric--it's a shadow from the lamp.

And speaking of bargains, I used my "50% off one regular priced item" coupon at Michaels and bought the fabric pictured here, 1/2 off the regular $15 price. It's Zweigart 32 Count Belfast Raw Linen (18" x 27"), and it will work well on several smallish projects I have planned, including "White Christmas" by Ewe & Eye & Friends, which I might start as my next thrifty Christmas project, since I already have the white silk (Thread Gatherer Silk n Colors). I have a love/hate relationship with Michaels, and I normally let the coupons expire, but I notice they must have a new buyer in the needlework section back in Corporate HQ. There are lots of nice embroidery scissors and other implements, Mill Hill Beads, Balger blending filaments, a few fabrics other than Aida and what look like fuller racks of DMC and different brands of notions than they've had in the past. While they are no threat to my LNS, it's been fun to explore the aisles again and I actually could have used the coupon on three or four different items that I spotted including some new books on knitting and decorating. In fact, the store seemed stuffed full of things when I was there, although no doubt it's because of the upcoming holidays. In today's paper there was another coupon, for 40% off a regular priced item, which I'll use this week. And good prices on framing too. I won't let them frame my needlework though, because I've heard horror stories about framers unaccustomed to dealing with needlework. Have any of you used them for framing something you've stitched?


Kristin said...

Hi, I have used Michaels for framing and they have done an excellent job. I only use them when they have a coupon because they are very expensive otherwise.

Annemarie said...

Hi Glenna, any sign of the tissue/milk thief? You had me laughing out loud there!
Your Christmas stitching is coming along nicely. Lovely design, this.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is great. I've never actually used Michaels because the one time I wanted something framed there they had me so frustrated that I determined I wouldn't use them. I know someone who uses them exclusively and SHE loves their work. I look at her pieces and see many flaws in their framing, the linen isn't pulled tight enough, the design isn't centered correctly or part of the design is covered by the mat. So now you've heard my opinion of them, take it for what it's worth :)

Wendy said...

I have a similar love/hate relationship with our Michael's store. Most time, even with my 40% coupon, I leave the store without having bought anything.

I have seen a Michael's framing horror job - a lady in my needlework guild took in a hardanger piece that was actually ripped when stretched and left that way to be framed, saying that she brought it in like that. Plus I know a framer who used to work there and recommended no one take anything stitched in there to be framed, as most framers there are unfamiliar how to handle these pieces.

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on your Good Will Towing...we have a tow comapny here called Tow Jam. I love the Spode pieces you've found as well - very pretty! Your little quote about Grandma being eaten by a bear reminds me of an Edward Gorey drawing I came across that I might post to my blog. Hope you're feeling better!

catandturtle said...

I love the Good Will design and the spode is awesome. My mom has the Christmas spode set with the tree on it and it has always been a fav of mine, reminding me of Christmas when I was little.

I love going to Michael's for crafty stuff but not for framing. Mostly because I do my own but also because there is no way I want one of the "kids" working there to handle a piece I have put hours into. Also their prices are ridiculous, even with the 50% coupon. :D Ann.

Red said...

Hi Glenna...we are neighbors(well I live in No.VA anyway) your blog...and I can totally relate to filchers at work! BTW...I grew up in Fairhaven Mass...I see you visited there...what did you think of the High School...impressive aye?

Vonna said...

Beautiful plates, I love those kind of plates that tell a story...too bad about Grandma, but nice that they have their memories! LOL! :D
I have a love hate relationship with Michael's don't feel bad...I too have suddenly noticed an expansion in the needlework isle.

Barbara said...

I have no idea how I ended up on your blog except I was following links from other blogs and looking at everyones pictures...and there it was, one of my designs... Good Will Towing! LOL!

I hope you're enjoying the chart, no matter what you stitch on it!
Plum Pudding Needleart

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely work! Thanks for viisting me. I really enjoy your blog! I have never heard of those plates. The story is funny! LOL!! Have an awesome day!