September 02, 2013

Not Laboring

Happy Labor Day Monday, all! I'm sad to be going back to work tomorrow, because I have had an excellent time visiting In Stitches, where I picked up framed Liz Easdon and inspected all the new stuff from market, went to a feast at my sister's house and spent my remaining time stitching (and gave the house a quick once-over).
Believe it or not, I have not bought anything new from market yet, although I've got plans to pick up several pieces, probably on Stitch Night this Wednesday. There are a half-dozen new things I'd like to stitch. In the meantime, I put some time in on "Peaceful Paradise" and a couple of other older things that I'll show you when I've made some more progress. I'd like to move several more projects out of the project bags by the end of the year.
Here's a close-up of the section I've been working on.
Liz! I'm so pleased with her!
The frame is exactly like the one I used last on Catharine McNeal, except that had a teal and gold wash. This has just the gold wash over the wood frame. And I dropped off Blessings Be Thine to be framed next.
Pink is a little disappointed that I'm heading back to work tomorrow--I brought home a trunkful of brand-new hay and I spent some extra time with the bunnies. Pink: "Back to the grind."
Happy week, everyone!


Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous stitching! I am a new follower - I came across from Chris 's Tot Hill Farm) blog. Love your blog, you are working on some gorgeous projects.
Please come visit me at

Melissa said...

Oh I love your framed Liz! So lovely!

You're making good progress on the...oops I'd forgotten the name already but you know which I mean!

Of course you are going to buy something new from the recent Market! We wouldn't expect otherwise!

Enjoy the rest of today. At least it's a 4 day work week! Take care, Glenna!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely stitching! Hello Pink.

marly said...

I can see why you're pleased with the framed Liz. Perfect. Peaceful paradise is sooooooooooo nice. I really like the fabric choice - a little darker than usual? Very nice thread contrast.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Liz is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderfully beautiful!
And your peaceful paradise is coming right along too :)
Back to the grind is right...and I so don't want too :(

Margaret said...

Gorgeous gorgeous! I love Paradise -- it's beautiful! Love your Liz Easdon all framed up too! Bummer about going back to work, huh? :(

Rabbits' Guy said...

Frame goes so well. BL always struggled over just the right frame!

Poor Pink ... needs a full-time, stay-at-home slave!

Deborah said...

Liz Easdon is beautiful! The frame is perfect. I just don't know how you haven't gotten anything from market. I am just waiting to get some great stuff in the mail.

Annette-California said...

Liz looks fantastic in her beautiful frame. Oh your stitching is sooo wonderful - great progress on Paradise. I can't wait to see what frame your going to get for Blessing's Be Thine:)

Chris said...

Liz is gorgeous!! I love this sampler, all the greens and that checked house.
I can't wait to see what new projects you pick up.
Have a great week!

Cari said...

ALL of your stitching is amazing. ALL of your bunnies are amazing!! Have a great week !!

Katrina said...

Liz is gorgeous,perfect frame!!!!! Love the Midsummer Night piece too.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Everything is so pretty! Love the progress on Peaceful Paradise & the new frame. Beautiful! Pink is so cute. :-) Too bad works gets in the way of stitching but you really manage well!

Tammy said...

Your framed piece is beautiful! They do a great job there don't they? I have one in waiting right now! said...

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