January 27, 2013


Happy Sunday, all! I wanted to show you this cheerful fish. I spent last weekend on Cape Cod and found this guy advertising a dentist's services. I'd go to this dentist based on the fish alone. I think whimsy should be rewarded!
I think winter brings out the wish for bright and sparkly in me, so I put aside most of my historic stuff and got out the glitz. You may remember this rose; it's Rose Marie from Blackberry Lane Designs. I stitched it once already, using the called for DMC and a few glittery threads as embellishments. It may be hard to tell from my photo, but I'm using glittery threads for all of it this time.
And I picked up another project that combines bright, cheery colors, blending filament (not charted--I just added the filament to Santa's hat) and eventually, loads of sparkly beads. It's a nice easy-going stitch--two threads of DMC over two threads on 32 count white linen
I also wanted to work on this Valentiney project and had the perfect cut of Lakeside in Porcelain. I'm using an overdyed silk that's missing its band but is the perfect color of deep pink. It's a JBW design from last year.
I decided that I wanted a more truly Valentine stitch--nothing too large. Are you familiar with Faby Reilly? Very pretty designs.
I got a Christmas design as well. And irises for spring. All of that should keep me out of trouble for a while!
I didn't ignore all of my other projects; I worked quite a bit on Janet Gibson's Scottish Swan. I wanted to start the swan this week, but I'm missing one of the colors and it's not in my stash. Drives me nuts, because I know I fully kitted up this design, but alas, I cannibalized this project more than once, as I recall, before I got really going on it.
Speaking of trouble, here's Kitten-Kitten, exploring one of my project bags:
And Pink, who thinks that because I've been traveling so much, there should be a gift for him. Poor bunny!
Happy week ahead!


Giovanna said...

Lots of lovely, colourful projects - great stitching!

Jan said...

First, you are an evil enabler! I followed the link to Faby Reilly. I may have to order something. Evil woman! LOL!
All the stitching looks great. I want to see the Mirabilia Santa up close. Bring him to Stitch Night.
The fur babies are just too cute! Ordering from Amazon again are we? :-)

marjo said...

So what are those lovely shiny fibers you are using??? They look lovely as your stitching always does.

Cari said...

Glenna...you always have the most wonderful pieces to stitch. I am so envious...although it's all just a click away isn't it?? Love the pic of kitten-kitten...too cute. And of course Pink...what's not to love?

Have a great week !!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like a bit of sparkly myself now and then.

Margaret said...

Oooh, I like all your projects!! lol about your Kitten kitten, and poor Pink. I love that dentist's sign!!

Catherine said...

Lovely projects!! Love the kitty in the bag ~ and poor Pink, looking for a treat! Great sign for the dentist!

MarchAnn said...

Everything is looking great Glenna and I love the smiling fish. :-)

Melissa said...

Wow, those projects will surely brighten the dark winter days with their cheery colours! Pinks! Reds!

Your kitten looks so cute. Who, me? I'm not doing anything in this bag! ;-)

ps I do like that whimsical fish - isn't that a piranha? tee hee.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Stitch the fish!!!

Give Pink a treat .. quick.

Cats are weird.

I lost track of your projects.

So much for the suggestions.

Have a nice week!

marly said...

To Glenna Glitter with the sparkling personality - a fashionable cat you have there.
K-K's bag matches her coat. Just Faby!!

valerie said...

Love the funky fish sign! Love the progress on your sparkly rose and Santa. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful projects queued up!

Chris said...

What a joyful post! Love seeing your sparkly stitching along with the wonderful sampler stitching.
Have a great week!

Minnie said...

I just love all of the new additions with the bright colors and sparkles.

Siobhán said...

Faby Reilly--I love that name! You have some wonderful projects going on. Nice progress!

Nicola said...

Loved every photo. Wish we had some blue sky here.

Patty said...

Found your blog because I just acquired Peaceful Paradise (ebay!) and wondered what else I might be able to find out about it. What a great blog...You have so many beautiful samplers that I decided to go back to the beginning of your blog and read from there. I'm up to 2008 now! Also love reading about the bunnies and kitties. I'm new to stitching...wondering if I will come across a post where you describe how you keep all your threads organized! Wow! Peace to you.

John Mathew said...

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