June 26, 2010


I'm still here in VA, leaving tomorrow instead.

Rebecca asked about DC-area stitching shops. The closest one to DC is my happy haunt, In Stitches, in Alexandria, Virginia, about 14 miles south of DC on route one. Give them a call to get better directions than I can give you. If you have a car, they're a ride down Route 1 and not far from Routes 95 or 495 (the Beltway). If you don't have a car, they're a taxi ride from the last stop on either the blue line or the yellow line metro stations (I recommend driving though). Speaking of In Stitches, here they are! Note the "new chart" racks in the window.

I stopped by there yesterday to pick up my framed "July" by the Prairie Schooler. They did a wonderful job as always.

And I picked up this chart, which they'd ordered because I saw it somewhere on the web and decided I had to stitch it. This is "Sous le Soleil de la Lune," by Reflets de Soie. I love the colors and the motifs. In Stitches has more of these on one of those racks in the window.

So even though I should be packing for my trip, I started it. I'm working it on 40 count Lakeside in Maritime White using mostly AVAS, but with some Gloriana threads mixed in. The design is charted for Gloriana, AVAS or DMC. It's fairly large at 343x267 stitches, but manageable. Notice the rabbits on the lawn. You can click on the photo to get a better look at the detail.

I've been thinking about learning to do thread crochet. I have one of my grandmother's crocheted bedspreads, but beds were smaller then, and I need a king-size one or at least a queen size for the guest bedroom. I want to make it look a little more contemporary than this, but eliminating the fringe would probably accomplish that. I like the sunflower design and think it would look amazing in brilliant white or pale yellow. Since you do it one square at a time, it would make a nice "car" or "office" project. I'm going to see if I can find a class somewhere. I found this booklet (original price 29 cents back whenever--1950s? 1960s?) on ebay. There's no copyright date on the pattern booklet, but the furniture looks to be that vintage. I've looked around Michaels (they carry the thread) for patterns, but it seems to me so many of the designs now are either dumbed down for people who don't want to put the time into learning and practicing a craft, or perhaps to look at it a different way, simplified for crafters who are busier. One of the things I love about our cross stitch hobby is that the designers seem to be shooting for the moon now with respect to more complex designs, the use of various fibers and more elaborate stitches. You can do quick/small/simple and still feel as if you've accomplished a satisying project. And for those stitchers who want a big, spicy, challenging design--they're out there!

I didn't leave on Friday because I was too busy the last few days at work and couldn't manage to finish work, get clothes washed and packed, figure out why my right front tire was low, and decide what I was taking. Not to mention vacuuming up the cat litter in my trunk from the spill two? three? months ago. No sense leaving in the thick of tourist traffic today, and I'm hoping that Sunday a.m. traffic is a little better. Who knows--it's summer. On my way out the door to get my car gassed and washed and pick up treats for the car. Hopefully the traffic will move tomorrow though--inching along is the worst. I sat in a local traffic jam for a while yesterday, but it was moving so slowly (stopped, and every so often we'd move a car length), that I was actually able to take out my needlework and stitch a bit, so not a total waste. It's the 10 mph thing that drives me nuts.

Pink: "Are you leaving me because I chewed through another phone cord? I just thought you'd rather have a wireless phone!"

These deer visit my back yard in the evening. Creeps.

Deer 1: "Hey, let's go eat the lady's hostas."
Deer 2: "Nah, we finished them last night. Let's have some raspberries."
Deer 1: "Nope, the wild bunny got them yesterday."

See you on the Cape! (again)


Wawanna said...

I came across your blog this morning, it's just darling! Enjoyed reading through it. You have some really neat projects completed & underway! I have a blog as well & a special give away for this Summer. Please try your hand at thread crochet, it's not hard to learn! I did!
http://www.silverthreadsgoldenneedle.blogspot.com/ Have a lovely weekend.

Giovanna said...

What a beautiful sampler you've chosen - Isabelle's charts are just lovely, I can see myself giving in to one or more of them soon. Great start!

Margaret said...

Glenna, you really have to stop this. Every time I come to your blog, I find another design to add to the wish list! I was sure I could pass up that Sous le Soleil chart. I guess I was wrong. lol!

Hope you get off on your trip ok! Sounds like you're busy busy getting ready!

Oh, and I love how your July framed piece came out! Great frame for it!

April Mechelle said...

Great July framed ! I like the frame color, goes so well. I know how to do a chain in crochet.. haha that is it. Would love to learn also. Have a safe trip. I hope no jams for you.. Pink is hinting to the cordless phone big time !!! lol

Laurie in Iowa said...

The July PS piece looks wonderful all framed up.
I see you've gone out of you way to tempt us with a new sampler. I'm in fear of what you're going to find on the Cape.
Safe travels.

Jeanne said...

I just love that PS piece - it just shouts 'summer' and New England to me :). That is a beautiful bedspread pattern and I agree with you about the craft store inventories....how are we going to get more people stitching when you see what most of them are exposed to? That's why I love blogging as you see the most amazing things! I used to crochet as a youngster but I'm afraid I've forgotten most of it - I think I would have trouble doing much of now because of some arthritis in my hands.

Deb said...

That is a wonderful sampler that you picked up! I swear that I'm so enabled by all the great ones that you find!

And I think you're right about the thread crochet and things being dummied down. But give it a try. It is fun - a little bit time consuming because it's rather delicate work compared to crocheting with yarn, but so well worth the effort. And the perfect thing to carry around with you.

Katrina said...

Love it!!! And perfect timing. fun pic of your shop and the deer and they bunny too! And great new sampler but where's Catharine ;-)?

Stitch By Stitch said...

What a beautiful sampler you've chosen to work on! I haven't seen that one before. I also love the deer. I know they can be destructive but they are lovely. We have some that come by our place every day in the early morning and sometime return at dusk. Hope your trip is wonderful:)

bunnygirl said...

July looks great, and your new one...well, anything with bunnies has got to be good, right?

Poor Pink. He gets blamed for everything. Maybe he's taking the fall for Audrey, who must be frustrated that her trip to the Cape got delayed.

Cari said...

Oh my gosh Glenna - your new start on Sous le Soleil is stunning. The colors are simply over the top! Have fun with the crochet bedspread. I just picked up some great old crochet books from a lady that didn't want them any more. They are so much fun to look at. I can't wait to see what you select! Have a wonderful vacation!! BIG hugs!

Sandy said...

Your framed July piece is cute, cute, cute! And I love the new one you picked to stitch, too, Glenna. Way to torture us with a photo of that "new charts" rack in the window. LOL

And that bedspread?! Oh my, how gorgeous would that be? But what a project. A family heirloom for sure. (Hexagons the hard way! LOL) You don't do things for the faint of heart, Glenna.

Sorry the deer are taunting you. But I love them!

And I've a confession to make here -- I love Audrey. She cracks me up. But Yazziebear's eyeballs FREAK me out!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much on the mention of the needlework store. Yes, I am driving and I agree it would be better to do so. My sister-in-law is getting back into cross-stitching after many absent years. I am sure she will be able to find the place and she can drive. It will make a good trip for doing "girl things" as my brother puts it.

Alice said...

Have a wonderful trip! Great stitching.

mainely stitching said...

Whew, you've been busy, Glenna. Gosh, I wish it were possible to head down to the Cape for a real-life meeting. Have fun, and tell Audrey to behave. ;)

Siobhan said...

July looks fantastic!! I love your new start, too. I've never seen that design before--it's lovely. LOL at your getting to do needlework in slow moving traffic. It reminds me of my friend Kathy telling me that she got a lot of reading done during her commute up the Jersey turnpike from DE to NYC. I asked if she drove in a commuter van, but no... turns out that since it is a lot of straight driving, she drove and read at the same time. !!!!!!

Have a great time!

Michelle said...

July looks magnificent framed! And just in time for the holiday! I love love love your new purchase and start - gorgeous. That border is stunning!