January 08, 2010

Smitten with Jellybaby, Another Sampling and the Re-enactors' Lament

Thanks to Potentially Nervous, which is the blog devoted to Bells, Nuage and Fats, we have discovered a new star in the firmament--Jellybaby (photo used with permission). Jellybaby is a magician's rabbit, although she is not pulled from any hats, since we're pretty sure she wouldn't stand for it. Read about the magician, Malcolm Russell, who is quite a hoot.

When we are not swooning over other people's rabbits on the 'net, we have been stitching industriously; it's too cold to go out at lunch, for one. I've put some time into "Wisdom," by Vermillion Stitchery. Although I originally kitted it up with the called-for DMC, when I saw how beautiful the colors were on the 40 ct Lakeside Navy Bean, I decided to use silk instead. I'm doing an on-the-fly conversion, using NPI and AVAS from my stash.

This is the Innis House, a small structure caught between the artillery exchange of the advancing Union army and the Confederates in Fredericksburg, Virgina during the battle of First Fredericksburg, December 1862. The house stands today, restored, but with bullet holes left as they were found, as part of the Fredericksburg Battlefield, a national park commemorating one of many battles of the U.S. Civil War fought in this area.

Around here they take their Civil War Reenactments seriously. According to the Free-Lance Star today, a couple of "Union and Confederate cavalry commanders who tussled on the field of battle were found not guilty of assault. The two pressed charges against each other after the September 19, 2009 reenactment of the Battle of Stanardsville." It seems the Confederate commander "claimed his Union counterpart knocked off his hat." He retaliated by firing his revolver, and while there was no bullet, the Union commander suffered facial injuries from the revolver's powder blast, according to a prosecutor. According to Confederate witnesses, the Union commander used archaic slurs such as "blackguard" and "knave" to describe his Confederate counterpart." Hah--since a number of witnesses were called in the trial, I wonder if the sides attended in their respective uniforms. Apparently the Confederate commander used more contemporary expressions than "blackguard" and "knave." Kooky!
Bullet holes, just to remind the two gentlemen that sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you. Photo of interior of house borrowed from "brotherswar.com."

Elvis declares himself smitten with Jellybaby, and he's showing off for her. Notice the wood shavings in his beard. He's been busily chewing on the underside of the box spring frame. He figures if Jellybaby can eat a Christmas tree, he can chew a bed. He considers himself a bit of a magician; one day he will pop up through the mattress!


Jan said...

Love that bunny Jellybunny, but I think that Elvis has more personality. Tell him no need to compete, he has that bunny over a barret!!

Such a pretty new start!!

bunnygirl said...

No need to be so anxious, Elvis. You're lovable just the way you are!

I love the little bunny in the new header pic, btw.

KarenV said...

I love your new header pic! Elvis is such a cutie, even when he's misbehaving ;)

Anonymous said...

Elvis is a cutie! Oh my goodness,re-enactors are so nutty (well, most of them)!

What a pretty WIP you have going, Glenna! Oh, and love your new header picture!

Stay warm this weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Ok, what's that in your header? :D Love your WIP --- don't know how you do conversion on the fly like that! Is Elvis going to have a new girlfriend now? Jellybaby is pretty cute! :D Interesting about the Civil War reenactment. And those bulletholes -- wow!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I am not sure that Jellybaby bunny is quite cute enough for our sweet Elvis!

The civil war story about the re-enactors was so funny. People are just amazing sometimes.

Your stitching is looking beautiful - love the colors!

I've never seen that house in Fredericksburg, can you imagine - I wonder if anyone was in it at the time of the battle and if anyone survived?

Cari said...

Jellybaby is just too cute - oh, but not as cute as you Elvis!

Love your new start - Wisdom is near the top of my to do pile - it is such a beautiful piece.

I'm with Margaret - what's your new header? Inquiring minds want to know!

Enjoy your weekend - Glenna.

Melissa said...

Look at those ears on Jellybelly. What a hoot. I still think Elvis has the 'eye' though. I never knew all this about bunnies until your blog appeared in my world, Glenna!

I'd be interested in seeing your silk conversion on Wisdom. I have this sampler too though it's way back in line for stitching! Have fun!

BTW, I love the piece in your new header. Very springy!

Kellie said...

Jellybunny is too cute, but Elvis is cuter. :) Wisdom is starting beautifully. I love the Navy Bean fabric and your on-the-fly color selection. I should be so brave as to try that type of stitching more often...quit worrying about the threads that a design calls for and just match something up from what I already have. That story about the re-enactment and the subsequent trial-what a hoot! I wonder if the judge was able to keep a straight face.
Have a good weekend!

DaisyGirl said...

Your bunnies are so sweet! When I was little, my Daddy raised rabbits. Needless to say, Momma quickly stopped my Dad's fiendish plans for bunny stew! Horrors! How often do you have to brush them? They look like angora. The boys loved making their sleevies!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Now you've gone and done it ... all the "House" bunns want to run away and join a magician.

Isn't that Pink 2nd story left side, lower right pane in that pretty stitching?

Siobhan said...

I love your new header pic, Glenna! Great pics... wonderful progress on your sampler, and I loved the history pics. Great bun, too. ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Jellybaby is such a cutie I can see why Elvis might be smitten! Elvis has the happiest face of any bunny I've seen though, lovely laughing eyes