July 05, 2009

"July," Sort of

I didn't finish "July," but I made pretty good progress considering my homework. In the meantime, a few more patriotic charts arrived and I made a tiny start in one of them, which I'll show you when it looks like something.

I went to a 4th of July party at my sister's, and we had great food and played with sparklers. The flame on the left is a mosquito lantern, which I highly recommend.

[Edited to add photos of family members who were disappointed to see nothing but a disembodied hand holding a sparkler in this blog entry.]
It's impossible not to cackle gleefully while holding a sparkler. Also impossible not to swish it around, even if you're (sort of) an adult. My sis:

Bug spray. Necessary when stepping away from the tiki torches. Sis's BF, a fun guy who showed us how to season a grill with an onion.

Contemplating eating the last deviled egg:

I picked up Shepherd's Bush "Tiny Flag" at the framer's.

I had to show you this house. It's sampler-worthy. I went for a walk through F-burg with my camera and stopped to stare at this house; there's something going on with the color in the bright sunlight. I went back today because it was drizzling and I figured the effect would be gone, but it wasn't entirely. Here's the house: a nice Queen Anne Victorian, circa 1890. There's something electric about the color though.

Look at the front porch. See the spring green ceiling and floor? It's hard to do show with the camera but it positively shimmers in the sun. If you live in the area, it's on Fauquier Street, and it's very worth the drive. I'd love to buy this house, and tragically for me, it's for sale--such bad timing, since we couldn't unload our current house (not that I really want to--but still--a special house like this comes on the market but once in a blue moon. Or in a green porch.) It's renovated and looks to be in very good condition; the real estate photos show a nice interior renovation that modernizes the kitchen but doesn't destroy the nice old features of this period home.

Here's a group snorgle. Pink, Elvis and Peaches are concerned this evening about their friend, Fats, who was wounded and has gotten some vet care and needs some medicine his mom (who's a glassblower) can't afford. If you want purchase some beautiful art glass, make a little donation or just wish Fats well, please go here.

Happy week ahead, all!


Margaret said...

Oh I love both July and Tiny Flag! Tiny Flag came out wonderfully! That house really is a beauty, isn't it. Too bad you couldn't go for it. I love old Victorians with porches like that. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh Squee! Group snorgle!

Theresa said...

Your July piece looks wonderful!!! The colors are so pretty~~~ And love how you framed the SB flag!!!! It's so interesting!!!
That is one handsome house you showed!!!! The yellow and green looks so cheerful!!!

bunnygirl said...

Oh, I just love the group bunny pic! I'm so amazed at how well Peaches bonded with your already-bonded bunnies!

As for the house, it's gorgeous. I'd love to live in an older house like that. I mean, mine is old by Houston standards, (1955), but that's because folks around here have a mania for destroying anything more than thirty years old and/or unique. I'm so hoping the economy doesn't trash the state retirement system because I'm 11.5 years from FREEDOM and when I get it, I'm moving someplace with a little history.

I might even take up needlepoint with my spare time. I've always been curious to try it and it's fun seeing your projects.

Anonymous said...

Your July piece is so cute! I just love your framed one too, what a cute way to display it.

Thanks for sharing this lovely house. Sometimes we go up to Prescott Valley (here in AZ) and they have some lovely victorian homes to admire there.

Your bunnies are so adorable in that pose.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

What pile of buns, too much, glad it is only a photo, I wouldn't be able to bare it in person. What a cool effect the green has, love that. So crisply renovated too......

michelle said...

Okay so I was oo'ing and ahing through it all! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Your new finishes are lovely!
Victorian houses are so pretty. The yellow is so inviting and cheery.

Siobhan said...

Love your Tiny Flag, and July is coming along so nicely! That house--omg. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I love the colors in it. You should say that you're interested in buying just so you can tour it. ;)

Kellie said...

Hi Glenna, July is looking fabulous, and I love framed SB piece. That frame and mat is perfect. We have several of those mosquito lanterns as well. We call them "tiki torches." LOL! They are very effective for keeping the bugs away. That house is beautiful! It would be very tempting to buy...that porch would be perfect for stitching. :) Elvis, Peaches, and Pink--so cute!!

Annemarie said...

Great stitching, great framing, great house! Poor Fats. Hope he gets well soon.

mainely stitching said...

That truly is a drool-worthy home. It puts me in mind of the Victorian I had in Maine, and which I still miss so much. Love the fun Fourth photos, and your little framed patriotic finish is adorable. Best wishes to Fats and his mama.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Awwww ....... three for the price of one!!!!

The Scarlett House said...

It all looks and sounds like a very festive time was had by all. One of these days, I hope to spend the 4th in the D.C. area. The last thing I think of in triple digit heat out here is fireworks.
Another cool house, I can see why you are tempted.
BTW, how's the plans for the roadtrip coming along?

Loraine said...

What a wonderful house! Love the colors.
I really like you July sampler. It is looking great!
I'm adding you to our list of "Sail Away" SAL interests. So excited to start this project!

Kajsa said...

Nice patriotic stitching! Looks like a fun 4th of July.