December 14, 2008

Peaceable Kingdom and Pookah from Paducah

The day started inauspiciously, with blue lights in my mirror as I returned home from shopping. The police pulled me over! Not for anything I did, but for my pimped-out car (I buy my cars used, and that's how it came) with the dark, dark tinted windows. The cop was polite but asked me the most ridiculous question: Ma'am, are you aware of the Virginia code with regard to window tint? I so much wanted to quip that the car was like that when I stole it, but I was mindful of the fact that he might just not have a sense of humor, and it would probably result in a ticket for "defective equipment," which is what my window tint is considered to be. He hung a little analzyer on the window and determined that only 19% of the light was getting through my side windows instead of the 50% we're required to have (it's 35% in back). So it's off to the dealer after the holidays (I didn't get the ticket) to have the tint removed, which is kind of a shame; I thought the dark windows would be a nice contrast to my chrome rim spinners. (Kidding--I've got better things to spend my money on.) Like needlework!

And rabbits! This is Pookah, a rescued rabbit at the Bright Eyes Sanctuary and Rabbit Rescue in Hagerstown, Maryland. Pookah was found running around an apartment complex courtyard in Arlington, Virginia. Pookah is about two pounds (all fluff, from the looks of it). He was gathered up by wonderful Patti Henningsen, who runs Bright Eyes, and was incidentally Pink's foster mom. Next week I'll show you some of Patti's gorgeous photos of rabbits in their holiday best; she is also an pet portrait photographer. Note that Pookah is not really from Paducah as far as we know. Note to BF: think how easy to shop for my Christmas gift if you go pick up Pookah for me! (BF has said no more rabbits in our house.)

I passed this guy on the way home from Christmas shopping. There were some sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, and a smallish cow-looking thing with horns (do they have little oxen?--that's what he looked like). And this camel. He was quite good-natured, and looked like he had a smile. He was also affectionate. Too bad they're zoned against farm animals in my county.... There was also a baby Jesus in a manger--a plastic doll wrapped up in a jacket.

"Be sure to stop by next week for our first annual Rabbit Christmas!"


Tammy said...

Oh the bunnies!!!! Sorry you got tagged by the po po (lol). Your cross stitch is looking FABU!

Anonymous said...

Peaches is just the cutest!

bunnygirl said...

Pookah looks like such a dear I'm sure he'll find a good home soon. And Peaches is precious--I wish I could give her a kiss!

The Bunns said...

So ... over tinted windows and then rabbits in a no-animal county. Why not just go steal the dang spinners?

Listen ... We are doing some charity this Christmas here at the House of Rabbits. We put all the names of our bunny blogger friends in a big soup cup and then Bunny Lady drew out 4 and you are one of them!

We have paid for 4 cds/DVDs at this site ...

You go there and chose what Bunnytunes CD or DVD you want. They will send it to you and will send the money we paid to whatever rescue you would like it to go to! All that info goes into the order form.

If you are not familiar with Bunny Tunes, it is all explained there on the site.

The lady there is Jane and she is expecting your order. Her e-mail address is

You will see Zoey singing her heart out on the order site!

Merry Christmas from all of us and the 2-foots at The House of Rabbits!

mainely stitching said...

That camel does look like he (or she??) has the right attitude. ;)

Hope the fluffball finds a great new home. :D

d. moll, said...

Love the stitchery with the rabbit, so cool. Pookah looks like a Pookah, what a character. And wow camels close up, it is beginning to look a lot like Xmas. Hi, Peaches!!!!!!!.

Jeanne said...

Loved seeing your bunnies. Keeping hopeful for little Pookah. Funny about the police stopping you - here in Arizona EVERYone has tinted windows - they are legal and a must-have because of the heat here. It is hard when I go back to the midwest and nobody has their windows tinted. :) Happy Holidays Glenna!

Kit said...

The Ark is looking soooo good! I wish I could take Pookah, he is the cutest thing in the world. I look forward to the bunny Christmas.