July 24, 2007

Vacation Whirl

I'm off work for six days, staying home to shepherd all the various workmen who come to the house to do renovations and updates. BF marvels that I don't resent being a captive to the house all day--although the workmen leave around 5 p.m.--but I'm a happy hermit with my crafts and plans and chores and activities. I've been messing with the garden, weeding and trying to figure out what/who is taking big bites out of the green tomatoes on just one plant and leaving half a tomato dangling on the vine. So far it hasn't discovered the other tomato plants.

I've owned this bicycle for over 20 years and probably last rode it 10 years ago. Our last house was located on an unsafe road, but now I have a large community to bike safely around, and there's a library about 3 miles from here that I can pedal to. So here it is, getting a tuneup Saturday. Gallons of gas used to go to the library: none!

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time working on Leslie's RR, and it's nearly complete. I took some pictures, but I'm not happy with them, so I'll re-shoot tomorrow morning. This is today's project: "Procession." I'm hoping to finish it during this vacation.


Anna van Schurman said...

Procession is really cute!

Squirrels will sometimes take bites out of tomatoes when they are thirsty. You can curb this by leaving a pan of fresh water out for them somewhere away from the tomatoes. We had this problem last year, and I found the answer on You Bet Your Garden.

Barbara said...

You pick the best projects! I'd love to look through your stash!! ;)

I'm guessing birds are after your tomatoes. It sounds like what they do to our apples.

Vonna said...

Your WIP is really great...can't wait to see the RR!

I love those water swirly things!
And nothing like a good 'ol bike ride....we take family bike rides a lot and I always have to laugh because we are quite a sight to behold because we form a LONG line of bicycles: DAD on bike with baby in seat - katie on bike - Ian on bike - Jacob on bike - Mom on bike bringing up the rear :) LOL! I wish you could see people's faces!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are a busy girl Glenna dear! Love all the photos and your stitching is looking lovely!

Jennifer said...

What a cute sampler! I would love to start riding a bike again, too. You'll have so much fun with it!

Lauren said...

I love your current project!

Michelle said...

Procession is looking fantastic! I love this piece!