January 07, 2007

New Starts: Sampler Sunday

I spotted this chart on Homespun Samplar's website and bought it. I liked the composition, which strikes me as a bit mysterious. What kind of procession, exactly? Maybe wedding? If so, the guy with the staff might be the minister, but where's the groom, unless he's the guy bringing up the rear, holding back? And the first woman in the procession has on a white dress in this iteration, but not in the second iteration (picture below). And what's with the sheep? Who invited them, anyway?

The picture below does nothing to clear up the mystery. Note that the stitches are entirely different, and the colors have changed (so much for the theory of the wedding dress). What's interesting about this picture is that the description in the chart, which is by the Workbasket, says that the second version was "stitched using more complicated stitches. This is available by special order as our 'Fancy Stitch Guide.'" Now, that annoys me. Why not include the fancy stitch guide and charge a little more? I can't decide whether it's a tad greedy or condescending (as if we mere mortals couldn't manage a bullion knot) to withhold the more interesting stitching chart. I don't normally carp about cost in this hobby, but some of the charts I've been buying lately, at more and more astronomical prices, make me wonder about common sense things like value for our money. That said, however, I love the design and am glad I purchased it! I tried to kit it up at my LNS, but she only had three of the Soie Cristale skeins (out of 10) required, and didn't stock a good subsitute for the called-for linen (R&R Apple Brown Bindy, which actually I find too dark), so I'll order the thread online somewhere and wait until I have it all gathered together to choose a lighter fabric.

This is a second chart I received from Homespun Samplars: By the Bay Needleart's "Meadow Hills," to be stitched with DMC on "blue sapphire" R&R 32 ct linen, which my LNS did have, so I kitted it up and started it. It's a fun stitch--very New England-y.

Here's my little start (it's hard to tell in my photos that the linen is a pale blue which I just love):

I also started Blessed are the Needleworkers, but Blogger didn't want me to show it to you today! I've actually gotten fairly far along in it, as it's a quick stitch. I'll try to post pictures of that a little later this week, along with pictures of the house we have finally purchased, and which we will close on next month. Yay! So many walls, so little time! Between packing up our old house and getting it ready to sell and stitching busily so there's something to hang on all those walls, I'm a busy girl!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are a very busy girl! No chance of getting bored! LOL! Love your choice of stitching projects!

Vonna said...

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! I am waiting anxiously for photos of said home, I'm sure it is lovely!
Your samplers are beautiful, however I particularly like the New England-y one :)

Red said...

I like the second one with the specialty stitches...of course being a cheap Yankee I'd question why the choice of stitches isn't included as one chart for the same price. How about the 19 dollar Long Dog I bought that is basically a crappy photo copy?! Didn't realize that until I got home from Hershey on that one.
Love the By the Bay and Yep...it screams Whaling era.
Look forward to seeing pics of your new home...is the one on the hill?


Anna van Schurman said...

Congratultions on your new house!

I once went to a class with a designer who shall remain nameless, who, after printing a chart for pastel hearts, decided that bold reds and greens would make the hearts appropriate for Christmas. So she had an addendum to the chart, which we--who had paid a fortune to take her class--could buy for $2. Two bucks for, I'm not kidding, a color key and another photo. How about just writing the conversion on the blackboard?

Still, it's got to be hard to make a living...

Annemarie said...

Oh, congratulations on your new house!!! That's wonderful! Although I will miss the pictures you showed us of all the houses you visited...
I love your new start. Gorgeous colours! The new chart is lovely too, although I like the second version better.

Sue said...

I love that Procession design. Your start on the By The Bay design is nice.