January 25, 2007

Five Servings a Day

It's so cold and bleak outside, that I reached this week for a nice warm-looking project, the Vermillion Stitchery's Glorious Fruit.

This is the little guy that we rescued from the backyard. Like the rest of our six, he was unwanted by someone, and in this transient area, probably left behind in a move. He got into a fight with another stray and wound up with a serious eye infection, so off he went to the vet and then to a pet ophthalmologist (something I didn't even know existed). She fixed him up, and his peepers, as you can see here, are just fine now. It's bad and good when bad things like that happen in our back yard; there's the worry and expense of course, but the good is that when we've spent the money on them, and they've become de-flea'ed and dewormed and used to a nice indoor cage at the vet while they heal and are de-crittered which seems to civilize them, BF allows them to retire inside the house. So here's Scratchy, the sweetest of our six. His favorite thing in the world is to sit on a willing lap, which is just about perfect in this weather.


monique said...

Awww, Scratchy is adorable! And good for you for saving him :) We have always had rescued animals... we usually just get them fixed up and off to good homes.

Annemarie said...

How did I come to miss all of your last posts? Does Bloglines not register your updates? Weird. Anyway, a Scratchy on your lap in weather like this sounds heavenly. Love what you're stitching, as always. The SD sampler is on my wish list too!

Vonna said...

I keep missing your posts...Bloglines is not working apparently....!!!!!
Any your posts are one of my Fav's to come have a looksie.

Scratchy is just adorable...those big eyes...what a Q-T!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I just think the new baby is adorable! Kudos for taking him in! Love the stitching project!

Trish said...

I just discovered your blog. I wish you would enable the feed so I could follow it regularly!

Great work with the fruits!!!