August 11, 2013


Happy Sunday, all. I have a tale of exquisite inspiration later in this post. But first, something I've been fiddling with this week. Does anyone recognize this piece? I'm stitching it on 40 count Lakeside from my stash (something yellowy), using the called-for DMC.
It's an older Cricket Collection piece called "Winter Cabin." I stumbled upon it on ebay a while back. I don't remember ever seeing it in a shop. It has a copyright date of 1996.
I put in some time to finish the "G" block of Anagram Diffusion's Sampler Tendresse, and then started the "M" block, which will be illustrated by a white mouton. There are no specialty stitches in this sampler, but I wonder if I should stitch the sheep with french knots.
Someone asked last week what charts I had added to my stash, and here they are (I haven't started any of them yet; I'm waiting to see whether the St. Charles Market will offer up something I'm even more excited about, although I love all four of these). I've got a nice large piece of Picture this Plus in Heritage or Legacy for the Blackbird Designs series (I'll be stitching most of them), but it's tempting to buy a piece of the new 50 count Lakeside for the project.
There are a lot of birds here.
Here's the inspiration that I promised. Those of you who've been reading this for a while know that occasionally I post photos of houses for sale that particularly speak to me. IRL, I have looked at two houses (one a condo, one a house in my neighborhood) where there have been one or more originaly samplers, which is always a huge kick for me. Everyone else is busy looking at bathrooms and kitchens and noting the kind of material used in the countertops, and there I am, mooning over the sampler(s), making little mewing acquisition noises. And I'm a big fan of online house hunting as well, critiquing the decor and always, always keeping an eye out for really nice art, fabrics, furniture and samplers. But you know, samplers are as scarce as hen's teeth, even in traditional old Virgina, where every house, old or new, is described as a "colonial."
But look at this. What do you see going up the stairs? Inconclusive--could be simple artwork, right? But that piece with the ship--and the writing on the top. Sampler or not? By the way, note the scrollwork on the stairs. Looks old and substantial, doesn't it? The house was built in 1989.
This clarifies things, doesn't it? That IS a sampler over the fireplace. A quaker. Hand done by the occupant, or an original (Does anyone recognize the particular sampler? It rings a bell with me, but perhaps any quaker might)? Note that to the left and right of the fireplace there may be two smaller samplers. Or not--you decide. Note also the pillows and the bench/footstool.
[Edited to add:] Thank you, is the Permin Vierlande 1826 sampler seen here (this photo from the permin website:
Here's another sampler. The photo points out the stained glass window, but I wanted the photo to go a little lower!
For the entire set of photos, go here: (I can't get it to do a proper link; try pasting it in your browser. Click on "virtual tour" for the photos.)
If for some reason the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it. The home is offered in Spotsylvania county, for $730,000, by Coldwell Banker's Locust Grove office. There are approximately 30 photos, and from room to room, there is a glorious but restrained series of quilts, toile, penny rugs, needlepoint, a hooked rug tombstone angel at the foot of a bed and various pieces of folk art. My question: needleworker or just someone with really good taste in handcrafted items? If they ever offer an open house, I'll be there, drooling. It's a beautiful and inspiring home.
Elizabeth: I can tell that they don't have bunnies, because none of the woodwork is chewed.
Happy week ahead!


Margaret said...

Nice new stash! I like that CEC piece you're working on. Never seen it before. Nice G finish too! As for that house and the needlework. Wow! Droolworthy for sure!

marly said...

She is so cute. CUTE! Thanks for the link. My husband prefers that I stay away from these sites and Pinterest but that will never happen.

Minnie said...

Wonderful stash additions and beautiful needlework in the houses. I love the plate in your header.

Dan said...

I believe the sampler above the fireplace in the photo with the two red chairs is a Permin of Copenhagen
sampler design called Museum Celle 1826, a Vierlande design from the area near Hamburg, Germany.

Melissa said...

Oh I had to laugh! Of course you'd be looking at samplers in your house search!

Lovely, lovely stash. I love the Pink Sparrow sampler but am holding out until I see all the stuff from Market. As my funds are limited these days I have to be careful with my choices.

I like the Cricket piece!

Robin in Virginia said...

What fun new stash you have! I enjoyed the house tour you shared. I recognize your CEC WIP; I stitched it years ago and it hangs in our kitchen area.

Robin in Virginia

Deborah said...

I never seen the CEC piece. It's very nice. I believe I have all the same new stash. lol

Peggy Lee said...

Nice stash enhancement!
Did you say 50 count?? Oh my!!

WOW! Now that's a gorgeous house. I would want to buy it by just seeing the samplers and that staircase. I suppose that wouldn't be a good reason alone to buy, huh?
Love your little ball of fluff!

Chris said...

Wonderful new projects. I stitched that Cross Eyed Cricket piece in about 98. Loved it.
I love your house stalking :)

Sharon said...

Great stash! Love the wip's-especially your G finish.

Rabbits' Guy said...

No bunnies? Well then those owners are half-sane anyway. Maybe that is just a big "staging" and much of that wall hangings etc. will then go back in storage, waiting for the next house to "stage" ... It sure looks like a cozy place.

Melody said...

I love your Cricket project. I finished it myself years ago, but alas have not framed it yet. I need to do that!

Love the virtual house tour. I too love to look at houses and see how they are decorated and arranged.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

All I have to say is: MY GOD WHY ARE THEY MOVING?????
HA HA HA...I have sat and clicked and clicked and clicked on that virtual tour about 45 minutes now. Has to be a needleworker, there are cross stitch pictures all over the house. And the penny rugs...
be still my heart!
Love your cricket collection start. You are da bomb Glenna :)
(I'm using my teenagers' hip lingo!)

Brigitte said...

Your Cricket Collection project looks so great. When I saw this picture I remembered that I have this chart in my stash, too. So I pulled it out and added it to my to-do pile. Just the kind od inspiration you get when you make the tour of the house with its needlework beauties.