June 09, 2013


Happy Sunday, all! A quick drive-by (scene is from my office window--see why I like to hibernate with my needlework on the weekend? A perfect weekend for me is one where I don't drive my car at all. Yesterday I didn't go anywhere until after dinner (a trip to Lowes for garden-related stuff, and of course, today I went to the store for groceries; a couple of people had driven into each other in the parking lot, for heaven's sake).  I work on the 14th floor of building in Tysons Corner that overlooks the DC beltway.  This was Friday afternoon during some on-and-off rainstorms.
I wasn't up for tackling Liz Easdon's lawn this weekend, so I reached into the WIP pile and pulled out "Winter Welcome" by Country Cottage Needlworks. I started it a few years ago, and it got overlooked in the big rush to work on huge samplers. I'm trying to finish lots of things this year, and this will be one--I still like it. I'm stitching it on 40 count Lakeside--Luna, I think, using the called-for overdyed cottons, DMC, but addking some sparkle via Kreinik blending filament for the snow. It's a fun stitch, and I'd like to work my way through a pile of others that I have: "Bless our Home" (blue cottage and an American flag) and Home Sweeet Home (cottage with lots of pink peonies).
Here's a little sampler I bought recently: "This Have I Done" by Pineberry Lane.
I'm stitching it on 40 count Lakeside in Navy Bean, using DMC and the called-for cotton overdyeds, although I subbed out a couple of the colors that were too similar to the others.
Also on my stitching table: an old R&R Rerpoductions sampler design, a re-start of Frances Eden (I oriented it wrong on the fabric, so I would have come up a couple inches short side-to-side--don't you hate that?), and I have kitted up an old Cross Eyed Crick design. More on those next time. Here's Pink, thinking outside the box.
Happy week ahead!


marly said...

Good grief. I panic when I merge onto a 2 lane! I like that Pineberry design. And of course, the fur friends.

Margaret said...

That's quite a view from your office -- wow! Love your WIPs! So pretty! I have to see if I've bought that Pineberry Lane design yet. lol! I see you're a Zappos customer too. Love Zappos!

Melissa said...

I don't like heavy traffic neither. It's getting scarier out there on the roads too. People are so distracted!

Anyway, yes, better to be safe and snug at home with your stitching. I like that PL design - missed it somehow. You're off to a great start!

Penny said...

I can't believe the traffic on those roads! :) Love the blue house on Winter Welcome. And I love everything by Pineberry Lane. Cute furry family members. :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Ilove your stitching

marylin from FRANCE

Chris said...

Lovely stitching on those smaller projects. I am ready for a stretch of blue skies.
Have a great week!

Love to Stitch said...

It seems like that corner where you work is always traffic-- are they almost done with that construction? I think it should help a bit, however, still a ton of DC traffic. Its fun to switch up your WIPs once in a while, I am going through the same feeling!!
Have a great week!

dhenders said...

I saw your from-my-office-window picture in my daily feed email and thought it looked like the beltway/Tysons but couldn't check till now. Geez, what a familiar sight! I lived all of my life in NoVa till we made a planning-for-retirement move to NW PA in 2011. People around here wonder why I laugh so much when they complain about traffic.

Your "Winter Welcome" is beautiful! I think you've just added to my wish list. ;)

Karen said...

Glenna, you deserve an award for driving in that traffic every day. It would send me right over the edge! I don't blame you for hibernating with your stitching on the weekend.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm so glad I bought 5 acres right in there 45 years ago! When I sold it for 1,000 times what I paid for it I put it all in Microsoft. After awhile I sold that for about 350 times what I paid. Now I tend rabbits!!!

Way more relaxing.

Susan said...

Tysons?! Ewwwww. Not that my trip into DC is a treat, but I do love my train! Very nice progress on Winter Welcome and looking forward to seeing more on the Pineberry design