April 14, 2013

Still Stitching

Hi, Everyone! In spite of my long silence, I have been stitching steadily, as you'll see below. I have lost a lot of my blogging mojo because it just seems harder to post pictures, especially since I have used up my "free" Picasa photo storage and have moved on to Photobucket (where I have used a fair percentage of that free storage as well). I'm contemplating what to do next but haven't seen anything that's not somewhat cumbersome, and frankly, my free time is limited; do I want to spend it uploading and shepherding photos, or do I want to spend it stitching? Then again, I have blogged for so long--since 2005--that it seems a shame to abandon it. I spent a week on the Cape a few weeks ago. Here's a shot from one of my meals. These were most excellent clams, steamed, dipped in clam broth and then butter.
Here are a couple of shots of Fall River, where I stopped to pick up pierogies from Patti's Pierogies on the way to the Cape. They were fabulous, and the shop/bar that makes them up is worth a visit, where, road weary and hungry (and increasingly there is nothing but McDonalds or food courts at the rest stops along the interstates), I polished off a most incredible ground kielbasa meatloaf sandwich on thick rye bread. My dad was looking at these photos over my shoulder on the computer and said of the below: "Where were you? Russia?" Sorry for the fence. I took this photo from the car.
I have an increasing homesickness for Southern Massachusetts, which is not something that those who are near and dear to me understand or support. There are some lovely old homes for sale in Fall River and New Bedford. The area has been distressed/depressed since I don't know--the 20s or 30s when the cotton trade moved to the southern states. Or maybe since the decline of the whaling industry after the civil war. The areas suffer urban problems, but I prefer it all to the manicured suburban wasteland I occupy. Not a battle I plan to fight today, but soon... I'm in my 50s, and in the taking-stock that one tends to do at this age as parents and even friends die, I'm looking at my life and thinking I'd like to live differently.
Here's a little shot of the tidal estuary near my dad's house right after the snowfall I woke up to one morning.
Now to the stitching! I am ever so close to being done on Catharine McNeal.
I spent time this weekend working on this little over-one basket of fruit.
Liz Easdon is coming along nicely also--I have put in a lot of time with her lately. I am actually working on 3-4 others that I have been lazy about photographing, but these two are the most likely projects for a finish by May.
I've started working on Ann Anthony again, because I couldn't justify buying the newest Rhode Island sampler from the Essamplaire until it's done (or nearly done):
I plan to get this when I've finished a few of my others--I just love RI samplers. Cynthia Burr (and yes, I know it comes with transfer sheets because there's significant freehand stitching): Cynthia isn't the only project in the wings this year: I've purchased the re-released Scarlet Letter Christmas sampler and I have my eye on the newest large Shakespeare's Peddler design (Sarah Chapple) and a few others. (Photo of Cynthia Burr borrowed from The Essamplaire's website.)
Elvis says this post has worn him out, so he's catching a little nap.
Happy week ahead!


llknbillburg said...

Love all the samplers you're working on. And I'm with you on the Sarah Chapple sampler. Ordered it from Theresa as soon as I saw it! Can't wait!! Laura

marly said...

All the samplers you choose are magnificent and Cynthia - what a gal! I like to study samplers like this and take in every detail. As many of us age, we develop lead feet, unable to make a move, fearing change. Good for you. Contemplating a change means you're still light on your feet! Ending with a bun butt always brings a smile.

Margaret said...

So good to see a post from you!!! Love your samplers -- all so gorgeous. Nice to see pics from your trip up north too.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Elvis has a cute bunny butt! I always enjoy seeing what samplers you've been stitching. You never disappoint!
I think you need to do what your heart tells you to do... we only get one life... make the most of it.
I wouldn't let what others think alter your decision about what's best for you.

Anna van Schurman said...

Regarding photos, there's a pretty simple way to make them take up less room--resize. In microsoft office photo manager, it's a button. Don't know if you have access to it, but I'm the only person I know who hasn't filled up my quota--and I've been blogging for 10 years! (There weren't pictures in the early days of blogger but still...)

Catherine said...

Elvis has such a cute fuzzy backside! All of your sampler projects are wonderful!

Bev C said...


You can still use Picasa, just reduce your photo size to less than 800. There is a button that does it automatically for you. The photo's this size don't count towards your total. So you can still post pictures. If you need help just let me know and I will send you some instructions via email.

Happy days.

Annette-California said...

Your samplers are soo beautiful. Thank you for posting:) Enjoyed seeing your photos of your trip - wow. Can you delete some photos (older photos or does that delete them on your blog too?)to create more room? I don't know if that's an option, just thinking.
love Annette

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Catherine is gorgeous, Glenna as are all your samplers! Glad you enjoyed your trip and well be interested to see what you decide as to a move. A big decision but sometimes you just gotta do what your heart tells you to do.

Cari said...

All of you stitching is amazing Glenna. You are such an enabler...believe me !! I did, however, order the Christmas Sampler from Scarlett Letter and Sarah Chapple before you mentioned them. Now that's a first for me. I love both of them and I'm darn happy to have them in my stash.

Love the bunny buns !! Have a great week !!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your samplers are beautiful and Elvis has cute bunny buns!

Follow your heart about the move.

Katrina said...

Too much fun!!!!!!!!! Your projects are wonderful, I love seeing what you are working on. It would make me sad if you stopped blogging. Liz and Catherine are just gorgeous.

Rabbits' Guy said...

All roads lead home (to So. Mass.) unless, of course, they lead to Elvis' butt.