April 18, 2010

Scarlet Fever

One last paper to write this weekend, so I took Friday off to get some things done before I killed the rest of the weekend with schoolwork. One of the things I did was gather up a few of my many Scarlet Letter charts and take them to In Stitches to kit them up. The nice thing about going to the LNS on a weekday morning is how uncrowded and peaceful it is. I spent a happy couple of hours chatting with the ladies there and pulling the threads I was missing for Elizabeth Welford (I don't remember if I cannibalized them or just never finished purchasing them), by Handwork Samplers, and for three Scarlet Letter samplers. Here's Elizabeth. This is the designer's photo. Doesn't it appear to be stitched on silvery/blueish/gray fabric? The design actually calls for lambswool, which I don't like using. It's worked on 40 count, with NPI.

Here's the floss toss in not-ideal lamp light. On the left is Picture This Plus silvery gray called Fog, and on the right is Lakeside Buttercream. The Fog looks truer to the design photo but the Buttercream shows the ecru NPI better, I think, and there's quite a lot of stitching in that color. Since then I added two more colors of fabric, a darker blue PTP, and a pale blue/gray Lakeside. Still undecided.

Scarlet Letter: I have been collecting them forever--everything from Ideal Landscape to the various Elizabeths, Sarahs, Margarets, Rebeccas, Anns, Mary Anns and Robertas. This is Diligence, a chart I've had for several years. I had to start it, because when I kitted it up (AVAS and Maritime White Lakeside), I realized how unusual the colors were--bright enough, aren't they?

Diligence. I love the verse (over one), which says "Diligence: If you would adorn human nature/embellish and improve your understanding/How truly blest are they who leasure find/To dress the little garden of the mind/That grateful tillage will reward our pains/Sweet is the Labor certain are the gains/The rising harvest never mocks our toil/We're sure of fruit if we manure the soil."

Ann, which I fell in love with after seeing Nicole's. I noticed that In Stitches had Ann Smith plus several others I want to collect. Between Scarlet Letter and Essamplaire, you really could spend a lifetime stitching and never get through them all. I have spent many happy hours looking at their charts online and in shops and planning what I will hang where when they're finally done. Never mind the odds of that.

Here's a closeup of Adam and Eve (and like a lot of you, I'd like to have an Adam and Eve wall). Doesn't it look as if Adam is rolling his eyes and saying "oh, crap?" (A&E photo borrowd from Scarlet Letter's website.)

Mary Ann. I like the scene with its outsize chickens and sheep, the nicely done house, and the hovering angel who sports a goofy grin (you can click on the photo to enlarge it and see the angel's expression).

Elvis is feeling sorry for himself here. He was being soothed after having his nails clipped. Sorry, Elvis! There will be a nice salad for you later, after I've finished this stupid paper.

I'm off to dress the little garden of the mind and manure the soil! That doesn't really sound very good, does it? Happy week ahead, and may you spend as much time happily anticipating stitching as actually doing it.


Melissa said...

Good morning, Glenna! Loved seeing all your Scarlet Letter designs. I can imagine what a treat it was to go into a quiet LNS and take your time browsing and picking things out!

Elvis is looking very bright for the camera!

Kellie said...

Hi Glenna,
I hope your paper is done and you are happily stitching. :) Your blog post today is definitely a "sampling of samplers" and I have so enjoyed perusing all of them. They are beautiful! I love Ann Smith... Just can't figure out Adam and Eve's covering... looks like an swimming inner tube made of snakeskin to me. LOL! But I would love to stitch this someday.

Your Friday sounds like a perfect day off. I am so jealous. :)

Elvis is adorable as always. I love the bunny pictures. I used to have a little lop named Chloe. I miss her at times.

Margaret said...

Glenna, I cracked up at the title of your post! lol! Great title! Darn you -- I was doing my best NOT to look at all you kitted up. But you got me. I already have Diligence and Ann Smith (thanks to Nicole too). But now Mary Ann MacDonald has joined a new and growing list for another SL order. I so agree -- SL and Essamplaire are my two favorites! Hope that paper gets finished and you can get rid of the manure. lol!

Cari-in-VA said...

Glenna, I am so excited for you that you are close to finishing for the semester - I on the other hand, have 4 more weeks to go.

I love your SL patterns - thanks for sharing them with us - you are such an enabler :-)

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Nancy said...

I think gathering fabric and threads is such a fun part of stitching. Your Diligence sampler will be gorgeous! I love the colors. And, yes, Adam definitely looks unsure of things!

Elvis looks so soft and pretty!

bunnygirl said...

Did Elvis also get a haircut? I can see his eyes!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Great stash haul Glenna.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hiya, Glenna! Love all your charts and I especially like the buttercream fabric with your silks. I'll enjoy watching you bring it to life!

Elvis is just the cutest!

Have a great week!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love the stitchy stuff. Hmmm, not sure what to make of that look on Elvis' face

DK & The Fluffies said...

There has been a rash of unacceptable nail trimming going on in the bunverse! ~Fiona Bun

Rabbits' Guy said...

What an impressive lot of stitching projects. The bundled threads are always so bright and happy looking.

Elvis on the other hand .... well, I am glad it is you getting that look, and not me - right now anyway. He needs lots of craisins.

I see Bunny Girl's post there and it reminds me Audrey should soon be there at your place. Then she goes to Bunny Girl's ... bear with me, there is a point here ... and goes on vacation with them, if I remember right. Often they go to Pagossa (?) Springs.

Now, there is a great old trucking song about Wolf Creek Pass "way up on the great divide" and "downtown Pagossa Springs" and I'm wondering if you ever drove that Mayflower van down that route!!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Elvis looks adorabile! I really like your Adam and Eve and yes Adam has a very exoressive face!

Alice said...

I love the stuff you have kitted up. I bet it starting something new is a great incentive to get your paper done. I wish I'd thought of that trick! How many WIPs do you normally work on at any given time?

Giovanna said...

Love your start on Diligence, and your other choices - great stuff!

Ada said...

Tus trabajos son preciosos y los conejos una verdadera maravilla, en especial Elvis. Es como un peluche, viendole dan ganas de tener uno.

Katrina said...

What a fun post! Love all the Scarlet Letter designs. And the buttercream is so pretty.

caerbannog said...

Loved seeing your sampler stash. They're all so pretty! I haven't any Scarlet Letter designs, but now I am strongly tempted.

Elvis' sad face is so adorable!

Siobhan said...

I got a good laugh out of your interpretation of Adam's expression. I think I will definitely have to stitch that now!! I have an A&E fraktur that cracks me up--Adam has the apple in hand and is listening to an angel who's pointing heavenward & saying something. Adam's expression is, "Really? No sh*t!". LOL I have to admit, Diligence didn't do much for me till I saw your start and OMG. The colors!! Fabulous.

Good luck getting through these next few bits of school.

Nicole said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!! I definitely have Scarlet Fever too!! I want them all! And want to start them all... Yesterday!! I love your new start - it's so pretty! You are such an inspiration to me!! :)

MyLifesAStitch said...

Love love love Scarlet Letter!!! You've got quite a collection of stitchy eye candy there!

Good luck with your school work... hopefully it won't be (wasn't?) too painful!

That pic of Elvis is just adorable.

Dona said...

Glenna, I can't wait to see Elizabeth Welford stitched. Such unusual and pretty colors and I've had my eye on it for awhile. Well, really, I can't wait to see your work on all of your Scarlets!