February 15, 2009


"And A Garden Grew" grew this week. Check out the little snail in the lower left-hand corner. Cute, huh?

Thank you for all your kind words on "Whale Hunting." Believe it or not, it's only 2/3 done; to the right of the boat is an entire section with a house yet to be stitched. I got really tired of stitching the grass and put it away, but I'm ready to roll again. HOWEVER, the project suffered a small setback when I ran out of some colors and tucked the direction page listing the symbols and colors into (I think) one of my many totes, with the intention of restocking. Only now I can't find that page, and there is no other (reminder to self to make working copy and put it away against future idiocy such as this). While I can certainly match the symbols to some of the stitching I've already accomplished, it's harder, and in the case of some colors, which I haven't used yet, I'll have to guess. Argh! As a paralegal, I have done large-case litigation support, where I was responsible for being able to put my hands on any single page of a 300,000 folder document production, but do you think I can find one page of a chart in my house? What a flake!

I apparently have had an attack of the cutes this week. Yesterday I went to Everything Cross Stitch to see what Celeste had brought back from Nashville. Here are a few of the things that I got, even though I am typically a traditional sampler stitcher. (She got some nice traditional stuff too, and I didn't try to photograph some of the beautiful fabrics she got, since it's too difficult. If you live in the area, go see the green and blue Picture This and Crossed Wings linens, and think of a project you can do with them!) Dewdrop by Just Nan. Came with a little pack of seed beads and the bunny's glass flower. Jury's out on the flower, but the rest of it is fun. You can buy the frame pictured. I've been meaning to get my hands on JN's "Iris" and frame. Also tiny. This little project on 30 ct is 2.5 x 2.5. I bought a little remnant of a pretty blue fabric.

I've been eying this online and couldn't resist when I saw it IRL--Jeannette Douglas' Pineapple Stitches. The Kreinik braid is absolutely the perfect pineapply color, which came in an embellishment package with some of the silks you see in the corner: Gloriana, NPI, AVA, Silk Mori, Thread Gatherer and Belle Soie, along with Lorikeet overdyed wool. It requires beads, but you get those separately, along with my very, very favorite color of Lakeside: Pear. I always forget that JD is not just x-stitch; there are specialty stitches in it, which is kind of a pain, but definitely worth it for this.

I've seen this on the web also: a tiny little Mill Hill seed beed kit in the Spring Bouquet line. This is "Popcorn"; there are others in the series called Rootbeer Float, Banana Split and Lemonade. I had a hard time deciding, but at $7 apiece, you could buy them all. They each come with a magnet so that you can display your work on your refrigerator along with your kids' artwork and where, in case you're the competitive type, it will look FAR BETTER than your five-year-old's handprint turkey. Hah!

I was cruising 1st Dibs when I should have been cruising "Long-Term Liabilities," subtitled "Your Debt is Killing my Stock." Feh--boring. This, though: not so boring. It's a nice piece of sculpture called (I think): Ark. It's pottery which is only partially glazed, and unfortunately, it's $7,000. I had put "industrial" into the search engine, because I'm looking for a few industrial pieces for my house--how I'd love to find a nice industrial table on which to spread out my sewing and projects or use as a center island in the kitchen. (I found some, but eithre I can't afford them or they're a long way away.) But in the course of the search, I found this little thing. I edited this to add the second picture, so you can see the goofily smiling fish.

I'm off to Target to buy mundane things: paper towels and tp and a couple more bath rugs, if they're still having a sale on those (last week they had good-size ones for $4-6. The bunnies snuggle on them, but they don't last very long with three little sets of teeth pulling out the carpet fibers.)



MyLifesAStitch said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your little popcorn kit. Very cute! I'm not much for "cutesy" either, but that looks like fun to stitch. I checked out the two local gals' blogs you mentioned, and will be sure to subscribe and add them to my list o' blogs. It's so cool to me all the people you get to "meet" by blogging. :) As for an LNS... weelll... I'm a bad girl. :( There was one in Frederick I went to a couple times (to buy QSnaps, and a few patterns, but I think they closed (I don't see a sign anymore)... so, now my LNS is *gasp* 123stitch.com. I really want to find another neardby... my hubby works retail, so his schedule makes it v. tough to get to a brick & mortar at all. Add to that - my Leah is only almost 4... going to an LNS with her... not my definition of fun, lol! If you have any recommendations, lay 'em on me! Whoa... I wrote too much. Have a great day!

Theresa said...

Nice stash!!!!!!
I love your garden progress, the colors are so pretty~

bunnygirl said...

I love the needlepoint bunny. And Pink as a target...too cute!

Kajsa said...

Thanks for visiting! I love your blog and all the cool projects you are working on.

Whale Hunting looks so much better then the picture on the chart, now I want to pull it out and start it.

The Scarlett House said...

Garden is looking great. Love the teeny tiny snail. I have this thing for pineapples, not to eat, but the shape. I like that sampler. Is that metallic thread? Good luck with that!!!
Your needle case sent was mailed on Thursday. I hope you like it. Thanks much, Glenna.

Rabbits' Guy said...

O .... PINK!

tell me again? what happens to all of your finished work? it seems like there must be lots of beautiful pieces ... or are they all like, 2/3 done?

Xeyedmary said...

Glenna- Your GG is looking mighty fine- I have loads to stitch to catch up- are you almost done with page 1? I ended up moving mine from the Q-Snaps to a scroll frame after I got longer dowels. All that extra fabric folded & pinned was screwing with my OCD using the Q-snaps!
I love your stash- especially the Pineapple sampler. The Popcorn one is a cute use of beads. I bet Peach would appreciate a little personalization on the bunny one.
Have you tried a local kitchen supply store for the industrial kitchen stuff? There also are places that re-sell used restaurant stuff. You might be able to pick up some stainless work tables cheap, if that's what you're looking for. We did a cafetaria for a NJ company and I found a couple of websites: http://www.akitchen.com/store/stainless-tables.html and
If it's non-stainless you want, you can search on those sites. The 2nd one in particular had maple topped ones.

staci said...

Love that pineapple piece you've picked...the colors sure look yummy!

Ahh, Target. Much fun can be had there, lol ;)

FrecklesandDeb said...

What a lovely target at the end!

Wonderful looking kits -- love the bunny and the pineapples. As usual, we admire your enthusiasm and energy!

Xeyedmary said...

There's NO overlap on the GG chart????!!! What kinda krack they be smoking????

Twana said...

Target bunny is just way too cute and funny!

Michelle said...

Love the Pineapple piece and the Popcorn - too cute! A friend of mine specializes in industrial pieces - too bad we're in Texas! That Ark is cool though - love the fish.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Glenna, Love your bunnies and your stitching. And yep, that snail is wonderful ~ I love him! Thanks for visiting my blog too and for your sweet comments about my doggies and stitching/framing! I've added you to my blog roll so will be checking in often!


YowlYY said...

The snail is cute, but much cuter is the bunny and Pink of course, as target or not :)
PS: We've missed quite a bit of blogging time recently and just catching up with all the beautiful designs available on needlework...wow!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Oh, Pink! Bet you all sound absolutely fabulous singing Counting Crows, does everybun do a "bunny up" on que at the appropriate moment?

Brigitte said...

Very nice stash!
I love this Garden piece with all the little details, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, and the little snail of course, lol.

Tammy said...

Love your post! Yep, the linens were so gorgeous, I agree. I picked up only a couple things, but I love the stash you walked away with. The little snail on your WIP is adorable and so is Pink!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Hey Glenna... I saw this industrial table while browsing 1stdibs (thanks for the new addiction! lol!!) I think you said you were looking for a table? Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.