October 26, 2008

Not With a Bang

It has been an odd and not entirely enjoyable vacation. A quick summary: First day home from the Cape, the automatic lawn sprinkler sprang a leak (bad valve). We watered the neighbor's driveway liberally until we figured out what was going on. Called the repairman. We accidentally broke a large mirror; called the glass guy. The nearly new refrigerator gave up the ghost and killed an entire load of food--fridge and freezer--before we discovered that it was no longer cooling. Called the repair guy. I went for a physical exam on Friday, and received a booster for tetanus/pertussis (did you know they did pertussis shots for adults?) I've felt seriously crappy ever since, although it may just mean I'm coming down with the cold that BF is getting. I can no longer upload photos for any reason (not even to Flickr) despite working for hours at it. I've cleared my cache, temp files and cookies. I disabled all my add-ons and took down my firewall. Nothing. So frustrating. Anyone got any ideas? (I've loaded my photos today at BF's computer.)

Worst of all, I took little Peaches to be spayed, and she did fine with the spay but isn't home yet; the medications they gave her for the pain (including morphine) gave her a GI stasis, so they're curing that up now. She's given them hell, tough little girl that she is. Her first action out of anesthesia was to thump at the vet. I went to visit her yesterday--poor sad little scrap. I wanted to scoop her up and take her home--I felt like she just needs her own bed and food and litter box (she doesn't like to doot in her own cage, so she may be holding it!), but I didn't want to have something bad happen by taking her prematurely--sigh.

I did a lot more school work than I wanted, and a lot less needlework. Here's some, though. Patricia at In Stitches aided and abetted the purchase of another project on Friday:

It's called the Product of My Needle Sampler, and it's by The Scarlet Letter. Sorry it's so blurry. This has a 1988 copyright on it, and is still sold on SL's website. I love the black. I'm using a 34 count gray Legacy linen from my stash, which I got on sale once upon a time. It doesn't matter what color the fabric is, because it will be filled in with black. I love the colors of the AVAS silks; neither photo does justice to the design.

I spent time working on Wendy's RR.

Until I got the SL design, I couldn't settle. I picked up Dorothy's garden and worked a bit. Then I worked on Over the Hills. Then this--looks like golden retrievers but it's not; does anyone recognize the design?

Here's Pink and Peaches having a little fun with Yazziebear. Yazziebear is the toughest pet in the house. She's completely devoted to us, but has absolutly no sense of humor, and all of the pets are afraid of her. Pink: "(I don't want YB to catch me sneaking around her. Is she awake?) Peaches, go say hello to Yazziebear; she's very friendly! (hee)"

Peaches: "hmmmm."

"Hi, Yazziebear!"

Yazziebear, hardly looking, gives a whack of her paw in Peaches' direction.

Well, back to work tomorrow. Think I'll go upstairs and have a little nap. Happy week, all!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you have had one of those weeks!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Not a with a bang, with a thump!!! Peaches has some 'tude, I hope she is home soon. The vet was always sending my Bandit home to get better in a known surrounding. Naps are good and recommended at this juncture...

bunnygirl said...

I'm sorry your stay-cation was so hectic, but I suppose that's one of those "small blessings" situations because could you imagine trying to deal with all that AND go to work each day?

Poor, little Peaches! I hope she's home soon. Good on her for thumping at the vet, but she needs to eat and poop. It's so sad to see a sweet critter not feeling up to snuff. It seems like if there were any real justice in the world, they'd never suffer, ever.

Here's hoping you're done with all the bad stuff in life's little up and down cycle and lots of good and happy things are clear to come your way!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh .. has that dark cloud passed yet ... poor Peaches ... what an ordeal. If it keeps up, we are sending the bunns on a rescue mission .. you may like to work hard at getting better!

You did to your ornery computer about all I know to do other than unplug the da#@#%#@ thing for awhile!!!

Jan said...

Those evil enablers at InStitches! On a side note, I only go to Scarlet Thread once a month or every other month. The move will only add about 10 ti 15 minutes on my trip.

Give Peaches a hug for me!

furrybutts said...

Poor Peaches! Hope she gets better soon.. she sounds like a real trooper, though, thumping at the vet LOL!

Barbara said...

Oh, my, you have had a run of it recently. Hope things will go much smoother from here on in.

And I have all my fingers and toes crossed for Peaches to be able to come home very soon.

YowlYY said...

Hopefully Peaches is eating and doing outputs now... no such thing as a bunny with an upset stomach! Head and nose rubs for her from over the pond (and to Pink and Elvis, of course...won't want to upset the two!)

quiltcat said...

Sounds like a really crappy "vacation"! Glad you got to do some stitchin anyhow. I sure hope that Peaches will be able to come home soon to continue her recovery...i know with sick kitties they always seem to do better at home.

Wendy said...

Hi Glenna~ I hope you and Peaches quickly get better! Meanwhile thanks for the sneak peek at my RR!!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We're so sorry that you've had all these troubles during your vacation!