September 28, 2008

Soldiering On

Over the Hills and Far Away arrived, so yesterday I went to Fredericksburg to kit it up. It calls for DMC and 32 count fabric. I thought long and hard about doing the conversion to NPI, but decided not to; at $4 a skein, it would have been an $80 proposition and currently I have several silk projects going. I really miss using the silk I'm trying to assess whether it's likely to turn me off the project halfway through to use the cotton. I had to stitch a little British soldier, just to see what it looks like. I notice the picture is not true to the DMC greens called for by the design, yet the other colors are correct--odd. Any significant work on this (or any other project) is going to have to wait now for me to finish Wendy's RR and get some major homework out of the way.

Oh, well--vacation coming up in two weeks. I have a few things on the two-week agenda which might yield some interesting photos. I'll be headed for the Cape for a few days (and visiting a stitching shop or two); I'll be expoxying the garage floor (maybe); I may hop one of those super-saver comfy coach buses to New York City ($15 each way--amazing, when you consider the shuttle is over $300, and even Amtrak is over $200) and indulge in a little shopping for work duds and perhaps a bit of museum-going; we may head to suburban Baltimore and visit the coolest-ever store that sells mid-century used furniture. I have my eye on this:

And these: 1920s Portuguese hospital cabinets. I'm thinking of getting one for the stitching room, if I like it in person.

In any case, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house--I've been housebound for months, it seems.
And watch this space; there may be a new family member arriving in the next week or two if all goes well.



Tammy said...

Oh Glenna, I love that hospital cabinet! I could so go for one of those! Silks are nice, aren't they?

furrybutts said...

A new family member?? Is it another bunny??

bunnygirl said...

Those hospital cabinets look really amazing. I'd love to have one for...oh, anything.

So what kind of new family member is arriving? Another bunny? A kitty? A parrot to make fun of the buns while you're away?

I can't wait to find out!

Annemarie said...

Not another bunny? LOL
I adore your little soldier man. Also, I have a soft spot for DMC, so the colours and the threads look fine to me.
Your plans for your vacation sound wonderful. Cape Cod and New York. Yowzer!

d. moll, said...

Such a cute little soldier. Pink's expression says it all. New family member? What species?

divakitty said...

A new fluffie??!!!

Celaina said...

I started my "Over the Hills" and noticed the same thing with the greens and I am using anchor floss. I have finished the upper left corner. It is so pretty and fun. I learned about it from your blog! Thanks

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh Savannah .. my you are so worldly ... and so attractive!

We will add you to Sticky Buns momentarily


Buck up Pink .. it might turn out OK. ????

The Scarlett house said...

Hi Glenna, love your wee soldier. That is going to be fun to stitch. I may have to have it myself. Gee, thanks for enabling me :)
Have you ever tried Vicki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers silk? It's $1.65 a skein, beautiful colors, easy to convert from DMC, and really lovely to stitch with. I have a link to her site on my blog, Check it out. She even does pkg deals for some designs.