February 11, 2007

Packing Up: Sampler Sunday

I've been working on Whale Hunting a good bit. I'm at a fairly tedious part of the design, stitching lots of grass in huge blocks of the same color. For those of you who asked, this design is large (certainly larger than I figured when I purchased it online): 21.75" x 9". There's lots and lots of grass to go, and more sea, and two more major structures, one of them a church.
All the tedium on this is a bit soothing though. It's a nice break from packing to move to our new home on the 21st. We've very excited about going, and we've been decluttering for months in anticipation of it, but we still have tons and tons of stuff to sort through--BF has lived here 17 years, and I have lived here 12. What I didn't anticipate was the bombshell that got dropped on me at work Thursday: it seems the corporate practice that I've worked happily for is picking up and moving to another, larger law firm. I'm invited to go as well and have a concrete job offer; it's just a matter of ironing out the kinks in benefits; unfortunately in a few respects, their benefits aren't quite as good. I have the option of remaining behind and working for the Food and Drug Administration practice. Not sure I want to do that--they're litigators primarily, which is a whole other kettle of fish from transactional law, although I could stay with the firm I like with its cushy benefits (not least of which is six weeks of leave per year). I have about a week to decide, right on the eve of my own move. And whether I go or stay, I still have to help the corporate folks pack up their files and cases--I feel like curling up in a packing box and sleeping until both moves are over. I'm grateful that I have a job either way, of course; I've had law firm friends in similar situations wind up with a job at neither place.
So in honor of my stress, I've chosen a happy, hoppy sampler for today: Bunny Parade, by The Workbasket. It's stitched on 32 count fabric using Weeks Dye Works or DMC. And it's a LOT smaller than Whale Hunting!

Here's my own dear bunny parade, sticking out his tongue at me.


Red said...

Glenna, your bunny is too cute. As far as the job goes...my first instinct is to say pursue the forensic accounting...I loved my Forensic Psych class I just took and we touched on all the forensic professions there are and accounting HAS to be fascinating...my second instinct says go for the quality of life...6 weeks leave a year...better bennis...what's the commute like as well...yadda...yadda...yadda.
Good luck on the move...I look forward to hearing from you on the other side both job wise and pics of the new digs!

Annemarie said...

ooh, I used to have a dog that got so old all her teeth fell out. Her tongue was coming out of her mouth like this all the time! Cute bunny!
I'm sorry you have to go through so much stress. Good luck with the decision-making!

Vonna said...

Well your bunny is a sweetie..what's his name?
AND I own bunny parade in my stash :)
It is my FIRST sampler Sunday where I've actually owned something that you picked! LOL!

You'll have to do a lot of thinking about your job...I'll be thinking of you. And I sympathize about the house move...that is a trying time...happy, but definite trying and TIRING.

Katrina said...

Both pieces are very pretty. Best wishes making your decision on the job front. Congrats on the move!

Michelle said...

Whale Hunting is looking great. Sorry to hear about the job move, but I am sure it will work out for the best...like you said, at least you have two solid offers and a choice. Good luck on the move!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Funny bunny! Looks like he is sticking out his tongue! Best of luck on the move. We are happily preparing for ours in April and a lot is already packed.

lauren said...

Your bunny is adorable! I'm glad that, even though your job is "leaving", you still have a choice of jobs :) Good luck with packing! Just keep thinking of how wonderful your new house is!

Lizzy said...

Whale Hunting is gorgeous, Glenna! Good luck with your move and new home and as for the job... follow your heart.

I love Bunny Parade! It's on my wish list... and your own wee bunny is too adorable...