November 26, 2006

Sampler Sunday: More Cranberries

With the exception of putting in a few more stitches on the large tree, this panel is done. Now the question is whether to head left or right. The "holes" in the bushes to the right of the tree are to be French knot blueberries; I am waiting until the end so they aren't damaged by the Q-snaps.

I mentioned that I collect cranberry samplers. Here's another from my collection, by the Sweetheart Tree, to be done on 32 count Cream Belfast Linen over 2 using mostly DMC and a variety of stitches. The pattern calls for lots of beads and pailletes as well, so the cranberry sampler will be glittery--always a plus. I like to have a house on all my samplers, but that won't stop me in this case from stitching this cranberry sampler.

We went back to one of the houses to look at it a second time yesterday. It's the one with the hobby room. I took a surreptitious picture of the hobby room to show you (the saleswoman was roaming around and I'm never sure how they feel about photography of the decorated models), so the color and focus are a bit off.

And the kitchen, which has a family room full of windows snugged up against it. That would be the room for stitching, in my opinion. I'm rushing a bit today, as we're heading out to look at another development and then off to the grocery store.


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Glenna...that WH project is just beautiful! The close up this time you posted reallys shows the vibrancy of the colors. I really like it a lot!

You're right about the lighting in the hobby's a bit dark, but with some daylight lamps it would be better. I love the shelving units in the room. The kitchen was pretty too. So since you went a second it a winner?!
This Sunday's sampler is a stunner as well! I've never been in to sampler's but as you whet my appetite, I get more and more drawn into them....much to my husband's displeasure, I'm sure! LOL!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The WH project is just coming along so very well. good girl. And I love the cranberries samplers. Lovely. keep at it you will get the hobby room just right. Luckily, ours has south light and lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your Whale Hunting. Love the hobby room but you're right, it's dark.

Carol said...

The house looks beautiful! And, your sampler is amazing - making wonderful progress.

Annemarie said...

Whew, what a picture-filled post! Love the house, and the idea of a hobby/stitching room all for yourself sounds heavenly. Another gorgeous Cranberry sampler, and WH looks amazing. In fact, I'm going to look up a picture on the internet now, to get an idea of the size of this thing, I'm that curious!

Lana said...

Love the Whale Hunting! It is beautiful!