March 06, 2016


Happy Sunday, all! Thanks for your well wishes and hints for Tom's knee surgery. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing the reality. The surgery has been accomplished, and it is a painful ordeal, but he's beginning to see progress and can already move around more easily with his walker. Tom's knees have been bowed forever, with bone wearing on bone and with no cartilage (both hereditary and a legacy of high school football, and probably not helped by having been overweight); now that he has a new titanium knee with a polyethylene kneecap and polyethylene cartilage, that leg is straight and he's gained a couple of inches--at least on that side. He's working hard at rehab so that he can go back under the knife and get the next knee done within 2-3 months. We have had nurses, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist in and out of the house all week; so much better than the hospital--the orthopedic floor was simply bedlam around the clock.  What he has found most painful is the side effects of the morphine and Percocet and having to put on the white thigh-high compression anti-embolism stocking; I had a chance to demonstrate how women put their two thumbs inside the hose and scootch it down to the toe, then sliding the foot in and drawing the hose up gradually, smoothing as you go.  He found out the hard way that if you just stick your big man-hoof into the thing and drag it up to your thigh, you will probably detach the top of it, or stick your thumb-talon through it.  I found it hard not to laugh, although at $18 apiece, the poor shredded thing was expensive (at least they are separate and work for a left or right leg and are not sewn together at the crotch).
Does anyone remember pre-pantyhose days when you'd put on your stockings and hook them up to a garter belt and as you moved around, a fastener would suddenly pop open?

I did not get as much stitching done as I had hoped, but do we ever? I found it easier to work on small projects. I finished "Rose Motif Sampler" by JBW Designs.
I worked on the grounds on the left-hand side of the Cricket Collection's "Rest and Be Thankful."
When I finished Jane Clarkson and cut off her part of the fabric, this design was left: "Sous le Soleil de la Lune" by Reflets de Soie.  I generally buy a half yard of fabric and then turn it around if I decide I don't like the project I'm working on.  I had abandoned this because I had decided I didn't like the small houses at the bottom of the sampler. This part was pretty, so I didn't pick it out. I looked it over today and decided to finish the top third of the design, which I like very much. So I've drastically shortened the border and will work out which trees, flowers, urns and birds to keep as I go along. I'm stitching this on Lakeside 40 count, Maritime white, using a mixture of the charted AVAS and Soie Gloriana.
Here's a close-up of the cherubs.

Is everyone excited about the Nashville Show? I did not pre-order anything, especially since there are about 10 things I'm interested in stitching, because I know Patricia and Ellen will come back with a truckload of wonderful things to stitch. Happy week!