January 01, 2010

Stitching 2010: 2 x 5200, no 310

Remember this guy? Now he has eyes. I sewed on a couple of Mill Hill Beads instead of stitching them. Says Kreinik Krab: "Here's looking at you, kid."

And the whole project--done, done, done. A good start (or end) for the first day of the new year. ("July," by Prairie Schooler, stitched mostly with the recommended DMC fibers, one over two, on 40 ct Legacy (I think). Kreinik added on-the-fly, along with two beads. I'm going to be doing more on-the-fly substitutions--it made it extra fun.)

I am quite unremorseful about my stitching habits, which are messy and undisciplined. I acquire stash and charts willy-nilly, kitting up as I go. Who knows what I might want to do on the second Tuesday in July, when a new start calls to me? Today I had a Michaels 25% percent off coupon, good for the entire order instead of just one item, so I took myself off to Michaels, where I kitted up 8 designs I've been contemplating for New Year's starts. At this point, skeins of DMC at Michaels are 35 cents, and my coupon brought them down to 26 cents. I got 145 skeins of DMC after standing at the rack for ages, kitting up one design after another. (Woe to the guy behind me in line calling to his wife: "Let's get in this line, Honey; she only has one item!" I filled him in on the fact that the cashier would scan each separate skein label for inventory purposes, so he and Honey found a new line.) I noticed the store was sold out of the Christmas red and greens and for some reason, although there were multiple slots for it, there was no 310. Put your hand up if you don't know what color 310 is. Now I can understand being sold out of the Christmas colors, but why a run on black? Fortunately there was plenty of white in all its variations, blanc and 5200.

Here's one of the charts I kitted up: Silver Creek Samplers' "Holy Moses." It's 128 stitches by 575 stitches high, and I'll be using Lakeside 40 ct in buttercream I think. This has been a hard design to see online; here is a shot of the top and bottom of the design, in case you've been wanting a closer look. I'm not 100% sure I'll start it immediately, because I also kitted up LHN's "America," The Sampler Company's "Yellow Birds Sampler," Hillside Samplings' "Hillside School of Handworke," The Cricket Collection's "All Through the House," The Vermillion Stitchery's "The Wisdom Sampler," Carriage House Samplings' "Patchwork Cats," and a 1989 Stoney Creek design called "Ice Boating." I'm going to Kreinik the heck out of Ice Boating, with its starry night sky, snow, ice, evergreens and bright houses. It'd be the perfect Christmas stitch!

Pink: "I can't believe I just heard her talk about stitching for next Christmas."
Elvis: "zzzzzzzzzzz......."


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Oh boy, Glenna! I love your PS finish! The substitutions you made are really fabulous and make it that much more special. I must have missed the Michael's coupon; bummer. Don't you love being in line when the clerk has to scan all those threads! They don't like to see us coming with bundles of floss anymore than the folks in line do. I love the 10 commandments chart. I may have to go on the hunt for that - it would be a great gift to give my dad. I'll be anxious to see what you start. Happy New Year dear, Glenna to you and the buns!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Score!!! re: your trip to Michael's. :) Too funny - my fabric for the Wisdom Sampler had been backordered and I just got an email saying it's on it's way (so it should be waiting for me when I get back to work on Monday), so I'm getting ready to kit that one up myself. That 10 commandments chart is awesome... I adore the eyes on your little crab. Too cute, and the perfect touch! Can't wait to watch your progress on whatever you decide to stitch next. :)

Karen said...

Oooh, your July sampler is so pretty! And so nice to look at on an evening when it's below freezing with single-digit wind chills.

YGG with the Michael's coupon; I've never managed to snag one of those. Good job!

Margaret said...

Oh wow! Don't you love a good DMC sale? Good for you for stocking up with that coupon! And yes, it's a pain when they scan each label. lol! How could they not have 310? I bought the last 4 at my LNS too. The LNS owner said there's been a run on black recently. Weird. Love your July finish! Beautiful! And I love all the charts you kitted up too. Looking forward to seeing what you start next! Happy New Year!!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I have say that I have no idea what you are talking about with the stitching. Though I certainly encourage improvisation and I love the crab's eyes. Now then, have Pink and Elvis been helping you study by destroying your text books? Boy buns can be full of mischief.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Love the PS Finish ! Congrats on your haul from Michaels. I have been wanting the Moses chart. Hope to be able to find it soon.

Theresa said...

I love your "July" finish!!!! It is stunning~~~ And Mr. Crab looks very handsome with its shiny eyes!!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on finishing 'July'. It is so happy and festive and *sparkly*!!!

I cringe too when I walk up with my DMC. You feel like dagger eyes are all gazing at you at the lineup! Anyway, I felt your joy in kitting up all those projects!

Happy Stitching!

RG said...

Congratulations on finishing something ... I am not really sure I have heard that before! Love that Krab!!! BL catches a LOT of them but will only cook them if she can avoid eye-contact .. coudn't miss that one!

I do believe Pink and Elvis have thoroughly thought through their New Year's resolutions and pretty much torn them up!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

"July" turned out beautiful, and I love that crab!

What were Pink and Elvis reading that made them so sleepy?

karenv said...

Congratulations on your finish, I love the sparkly crab!

That Moses piece is wonderful, such gorgeous colours - I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on that one.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Pink and Elvis look so contended there, lovely snuggly bunnies! Your samplers are very impressive!

Katrina said...

Love, love, love your PS piece. Congrats on the finish. Great choices for kitting, love that Holy Moses piece, can't wait to watch your progress.

xeyedmary said...

Beautiful "July" finish!
Yay on the Michaels floss bargain!
Gorgeous new chart; I can't wait to see it progress!
Happy New Year!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I went to get DMC too and low and behold both Michaels and Hobby Lobby were out of not only 310, but 3371 too...I was a little angry :)
But I sure do love your July all beaded up and your new start is the bomb...I really, REALLY like that one and have been looking at it a lot. Now I'm going to be thinking about it more with you stitching it...

Deb said...

Glenna - I just love your PS finish. I love the beads for the eyes on the crab! I think that it's a lot of fun to make substitutions on things - makes them more your own.
I think that you kitted up some great projects - especially the Moses chart. I keep seeing that at shops and try to hold off, but probably will break down at some point.

And you make me laugh about Michaels. I was in there the other day and they were out of those colors you mentioned, plus 3371. Now, what's up with that. But I was kitting up some designs too. Must be that time of the year. And don't you wish that they'd just count out how many flosses you have, hit the amount button and the # of skeins and be done with it??

Hope that you have a happy New Year!!

Sereniticat said...

Whoah, I think in a year of lurking this is my first comment. I LOVE your blog and your stitching is just lovely !

A adore your little crab. I think the beads you gave him for eyes are just perfect.

The Moses project looks like it's gonna be a dozy ! You are a brave woman for sure ! I love Lakeside Linen and I also love 40 count so I'll be lurking even more for sure !

Good luck and happy stitching!

Nancy said...

I love your July sampler! It's so cheerful (especially the little crab), and it makes me think warm when it's so bitter cold tonight! Your rabbits are gorgeous!

The Scarlett House said...

Glenna, great finish with the PS. I wonder if it makes you long for the Cape? It's so nice and cheery and the perfect winter stitch, lol. Your posts always make me laugh, and amazingly, I can always relate to your logic.
Happy New Year, my friend.

Unknown said...

145 skeins of DMC?!?! I bet the cashier just love you but how great to have so many projects all kitted up. I just love "July" it is such a fun piece and your crab is just too cute with his little black eyes.

I just saw Holy Moses somewhere else tonite - I look forward to watching your progress on this one. I am thinking about it and if anyone can tip the scale, it will be you and your wonderful stitching.

Happy New Year Glenna!

Brigitte said...

I love your July finish. It's great to start a new year with Prairie Schooler. And oh, all those newly kitted projects, what a treat. They are all great.
Wishing you A Happy New Year.

Siobhán said...

Congratulations on the finish, Glenna! And the kitting up. I need to dive through my DMC bags looking for 3021. I know I have it somewhere!! Love the new stash, too.

Stitcher said...

Oh, I just love that crab, great finish. As for DMC, well I wish I lived in the US

Daffycat said...

Pink, it is NEVER too early for a girl to plan her Christmas stitching!

Lovely DMC buy, Glenna! I keep meaning to stock up when I get those coupons but I never seem to get around to it.

You are not messy & undisciplined. YOU are creative and inspired. Right?

Happy New Year, dear friend!

Kellie said...

Congrats on your beautiful finish! I love the little crab and the changes you made. Also love it on a small count fabric. I need to remember to use a smaller count for PS designs. It gives them a crisper look, as I think you have mentioned before. That Holy Moses chart is fabulous!! I may have to acquire that one myself. Isn't kitting fun? Like you, I love to have a bunch of designs kitted and ready to go for whatever mood may strike at any given time. Can't wait to see what you have in store next. :)

Stitcher S said...

"July" is gorgeous!

I too am a bit willy nilly in my stitching organization. :)

Michelle said...

I love your willy-nilly-ness...I'm the same way. And I think I am completely in love with Holy Moses...I think I HAVE to have it NOW! Weird the run on 310...hmmm.

Rebecca said...

For your Holy Moses chart you mentioned that you were going to use 40 count! Would that be 1 over 1 or 1 over 2?

Really love this pattern and was just wondering as I am not really a 1 over 1 person.

Rebecca L.

Unknown said...

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